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Cozy Scrunchies - Pack of 2

Cozy Scrunchies - Pack of 2

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Pack of 2 medium-sized scrunchies. They include removable 'ears' for some extra cuteness.


· Build your own pack of 2 scrunchies of your choice. See fabric swatches at the end of the photo scroll.
· They come with a removable tie. Wear the scrunchie with it for a ribbon-like style or without it for a regular scrunchie.
· The elastic is stretchy enough to wrap around a ponytail 2 or 3 times, but not too loose so it falls easily. Your hair will stay tied and cute!
· Each scrunchie is made-to-order and handmade with care.

• Made sustainably and ethically in the USA.

Sizing tip

The elastic measures about 7in (18cm) to fit around the wrist without being too tight nor being too lose.

Width: 2in / 5cm
Inner perimeter: 18cm / 7 in
*Enough to wrap it around a ponytail 2 or 3 times.


Choose any colors and fabrics you'd like from the selection available and we'll do our best to include if not all, most of them in your bundle. Please note that all sales are final.


• We only use natural fiber fabrics such as linen, cotton, linen-cotton blend, and hemp.
• The composition varies depending on the fabric. Please check the color chart to see the exact fabric composition.


• Machine wash at low to medium heat (40ºC / 104F), gentle cycle.
• Let dry on a rack or in the dryer at low temperature (40ºC / 104F), gentle cycle.
• To avoid shiny iron marks, iron inside out at medium-high or a piece of cloth between the garment and the iron.
• Do not bleach.

None of the fabrics are pre-washed. Linen and cotton have a shrinkage of 7%-10% when washed for the first time, on a regular cycle with cold to warm water, and tumble dry at low temperatures.


Our current turnaround for this item is 2-3 days.
This timeframe doesn't account for delivery times. For more information on shipping policies please check our "Shipping" page.

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Lovely scrunchies, beautiful fabric, thank you!! :)